Rest in Paradise Uncle Mike

Emotionless, senseless, lost without a cause
Let’s take a minute to pause
Look inside ourselves to see who we truly are
Some things bizarre
Only understanding what we know
Kicking and screaming because of the frustrations we can’t deal with.
Stressed but never stress-less.
Silent in the midst of calamity.
One thing is for sure, we all want to do good.
Do better so we can provide our families food.
A life better than what we had.
That’s what keeps us going.
No matter how much pain we endure
That chamisul won’t help.
Because it’s not something you need.
If sorrow and anguish is all you’ll ever sleep on you won’t ever wake up.
Jaded in your own chaos,
Emotionless, senseless, lost without a cause
Make your decisions today to bear fruit
No action should be ever lead to futility.
Cus then the devil’s sold you
Cheaper than a bottle of soju.
Now we resume
From the march to April from May to June
life goes on
But how you make your choices will determine how your life goes on
In the end, we all die, but death doesn’t define who we are.
How we utilized time we spent walking on earth does.
Live like heroes so your legacy will live on and your death will be celebrated like a legend’s.